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I haven't really been inspired to draw much lately.  It's like a huge case of artist's block or something.  It's just like, I can't even think of anything to draw. There are some small ideas in there but I just can't seem to really get them on paper.  I only spend about 3 hours at home (when I'm awake) during the day then it's off to work.  And usually during the week I've got appointments or somewhere to go so I don't spend hardly that amount of time at home at all.  Anytime I really am at home is when I'm asleep.  So when you really think about it - I'm not home very often. I want to be home more but something always keeps coming up, appointments, have to go shopping, just something!   I'm always so busy doing other things.

Lately I have been working on my home, making it more like a home.  I finally got a clothes washer and drier!  No more trips to the laundrymat yey!  It works out so great!  My old computer is finally showing it's age of 6 years and needs to retire so I have purchased a new one.  The first one I bought didn't work out quite the way I liked it so I had to take it back.  It had integrated video and it just wasn't preforming as well as I thought it would.  It advertised that it had AMD and Radeon technology, but a lot of it was integrated video and that stunk so I took it back for exchange.  I did learn the difference between integrated and dedicated video tho, so that was a valuable lesson in computer technology for me.  So I picked out a different one and I will get that one next week.  See, this old computer is wearing out, but when the graphics on it surpass a brand new one by leaps and bounds - there just is something wrong with that.  I know, I know, gamers and computer afficianatos like to build their own custom systems - but I'm just a beginner and I'm not quite at that level yet.  I did learn how to swap out power supplies and change video cards.  And also change RAM.

This old computer of about 6 years or so had a EVGA Nvidia 250 GT video card in it.  Somehow that big "honkin' beast of a card - which is old by today's terms is far surpassing the card of a Galaxy Nvidia GT 620 2gb i stuck in here.  How the f' is that?! I can play World of Warcraft and Aion on Ultra settings on the 250, and only play Medium to low settings on the 620?  They don't make them like they used is an understatement I guess. So - theoreticaly, my 250 card only needs a 500w power supply and can do Ultra settings, but if I did want to replace it - I would have to spend twice the $$$Money to buy like a ... 700 series card and upgrade the power supply too. ... huh ...  I like my 250 card because it has the dual DVI input things. I can use my Wacom as a secondary monitor with the 250.  So I'll experiment with the cards a little to see if my theories on the EVGA Nvidia 250 is better in the new machine than it's Nvidia 630.  Maybe it's just this old computer and how it works, I dunno, maybe the new computer won't like that old card, we'll just have to see!

I also have been buying some things like some extra lamps, and some clothes.  I love thrift stores! If you take a little bit of time to shop around to the local stores you can find just about anything you are looking for.  Of course you do need to clean it first before you use it, but after a good cleaning - it's good to go!  I found some air purifiers (normally $50 to $200) for just under $13.  I can purify my air! I'm so sick of waking up every morning just sneezing and stuffy, I think it's something in this building so I decided to buy air purifiers, but at full price they are costly.  I'm glad I found some at the Goodwill!  These one's I found have clean-able filters so I don't need to buy new filters, I just gave them (and the machine) a thorough cleaning. I found a PS2 "Fat" (the thick version of the PS2, made before the Slim version - PS fans commonly refer to this model as a PS2 "Fat"). Need to get a game to see if it's working or not.  Used or refurbished PS2's (depending on versions) range anywhere from $30 to $100+, I scored this one for just $10.00!  And I found some various shirts and jeans at about $2.00 to $4.00.  They never really go over the $5.00 mark - and you can find name brand clothings too, seriously!  I've found Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, normally expensive stuff for just pennies, in good condition!  You just have to have a sharp eye and know what you're going in for.  I have also picked up a foot massager (for my tired feet) normaly costs anywhere from $30 to $50+ for just $8.00, and it works fine.  I found computer parts and even pet supplies for a fraction of the cost.  I simply gave it a through cleaning with clorox wipes a couple of times before using it.  So - for the budget conscious and the thrifty shoppers, shop at thrift stores.


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"Pure as we begin,
Spark becomes a flame,
Flame becomes a fire,
Forge a blade to slay the stranger,
Take whatever we desire,
Moved by will alone.
Pure as we begin."

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